Sukhoi 57 fighter jet

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Sukhoi 57 fighter jet Will the Russian Sukhoi SU 57 be able to become the best fighter in the world by acquiring all the qualities of a fifth-generation fighter? How can a Russian Sukhoi SU 57 achieve all the qualities of a fifth-generation fighter and become the best fighter in the world!  The SU-57 is … Read more

Huawei harmony OS: Possibilities and challenges

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Possibilities and challenges of Huawei Harmony OS Huawei harmony OS On December 16, Huawei released their new operating system Harmony OS 2.0 Beta. This version has been developed primarily targeting smartphones and tablets. It will hit the market in 2021. Huawei harmony OS is able to support the Android app, as Harmony OS is offering … Read more

How Biden administration will act against Iran?

How Biden organization will act against Iran?Will it be further heightening of strain or normalizing connection between the two extraordinary countries?

What could be the relation between the United States and Iran in the upcoming Biden administration Will it be further escalation of tension or normalizing relation between the two great nations? In 20th January Joe-Biden is scheduled to take office as 46th U.S. president eliminating Republican president Donald Trump from white house. President-elect Joe-Biden will … Read more