Sukhoi 57 fighter jet

Sukhoi 57 fighter jet

Will the Russian Sukhoi SU 57 be able to become the best fighter in the world by acquiring all the qualities of a fifth-generation fighter?

How can a Russian Sukhoi SU 57 achieve all the qualities of a fifth-generation fighter and become the best fighter in the world!

 The SU-57 is a multirole fighter capable of simultaneously carrying Air Superior, Ground Attack and Maritime Strike.

 The SU-57 has a banded wing body, improve flight control system, modern data links, air brakes, Velka radar system, state-of-the-art Himalayan electronics wafer system, advanced thrust vector 3D nozzle engine.  Its service life is 35 years.

Specification of sukhoi 57 fighter jet :

 Pilot: 1 person

 Length:19.8 meters

 Width: 13.95 m

 Height: 4.74 m

 Maximum_take_off_weight: 35000 kg

 Maximum _speed:2.3 Mac

 Operational range:3500 km

 Service Selling:65,000 feet

Designer: Alexander Davidenko

Design group:Sukhoi 

Status:In service 

Variants:Sukhoi/HAL FGFA

Primary users:Russian Air Force,    

Russian Navy   

Engine type: Turbofan 

First flight:29 January, 2010 

Introduction:December 2020

Stealth feature of sukhoi 57 fighter jet:

 The SU-57 has more emphasis on stealth detection than stealth, so it’s less stealthy than the American F-22, but it can detect stealth fighters from a distance compared to other fighters.  The radar cross section of the Su-57 is 0.1 square meter.  For its stealth  feature, its arms are housed in two internal weapons bows inside the body.

Manuverity of su 57 :

 SU-57 is the best maneuver fighter in the world.  From the previous Su- 27, Su -35 and it can take all the terrible turns in much less space.  It can deliver Cobra and Coolbeat maneuvers smoothly from Su35.  In a word, there are no planes around the maneuver.  It has life support for the pilot to digest the 9G maneuver for 30 seconds.

Engine of sukhoi 57 fighter jet: 

 Prototypes of the SU-57 use the Su-35’s Saturn izdeliye 117 engine, but currently use the 5th generation NPO Saturn 117s (AL-41F1S) thrust vectoring turbofan engine that can accelerate it to Mach 2.3 (2450 km / h).  The engine has a 3D nozzle that can rotate around , which is more maneuverable than the Su-57.  With the help of an afterburner, the aircraft can fly at supersonic speeds (about 1700 km).

Sukhoi SU-57 radar system :

 The SU-57 has a total of 4 X-band radars, including the AESA main radar of 1552 T / R Modules on the front of the aircraft.  There are two small radars on either side of the aircraft’s nose and one in the middle of the rear two engines.  Altogether 6 radar SU-57  give 360 ​​coverage at a range of 350 km.  It has the ability to lock 12 targets and shoot 4 targets simultaneously.  In addition, having a powerful radio frequency memory jammer can lock or jam the opponent’s radar, aircraft, missiles.  Ludo can be played with a beaver by detecting distant aircraft by magnetic sensors.

There is also an active infrared radar with a range of 120 km:

 101 KSN Advance Navigation and Tracking System.  This sensor is used to detect and attack various targets on the ground such as tanks, APCs, ships, enemy troops.  It can target and detect on the other side of the wall within 40 kilometers.

 Radio Optical Faced Air Radar (ROFAR) will be used in the SU-57 to detect stealth targets like the Raptor long before the range of its BVR missiles.  The body of the raptor absorbs the anti-radar coating radio wave so the F-22 Raptor cannot be detected on normal radar.  But ROFAR scatters not only radio waves but also photon particles.  This photon will reflect the particles back and will be able to clearly detect the pilot raptor of the SU-57 from a distance of about 400 km.

Another advantage of this is that it provides images of the target like a radar TV.  The camera works by scattering photon particles by flashing light and developing images based on its reflection.  This radar can detect and identify a human face directly from a distance of 400 km and display images on the monitor.  This radar is still in the development stage.

Full glass cockpit of sukhoi 57 fighter jet:

 The cockpit of this aircraft has two LCD displays. Full glass cockpit.  There is a helmet mounted display for the pilot.  With the help of which the pilot will lock the target computer missile wherever he looks. A special cover has been used in the canopy to increase the stealth. There is an ejection seat. There is an oxygen generation system and life support system for the pilot.  Enables the pilot to maneuver up to 9G for 30 seconds.

The unique feature of Sukhoi SU 57 is artificial intelligence:

 Through this the work of co-pilot can be done.  In any competitive situation the pilot can leave the work of electronic warfare on this system by focusing on his anime.  No fifth generation aircraft has this feature, so it is considered a 5+ gen.

 Weapons of sukhoi 57 fighter jet:

SU-57 can carry Kh-31, R-77, R-73 missiles simultaneously at 6 hard points.  There are also-

 A 30 mm (1.181 in) 9A1-4071K (GSh-301) heavy cannon.


 •• Two Piece K-74M2 Short Range Heat Sink Missile Range

 •••• Four-piece K-77M medium range state-of-the-art Beaver missile uses advanced AESA radar seeker.  It is better and more effective than American AIM 120. Its range is about 200 kilometers whereas American AIM 120 has a range of 180 kilometers.

Long-range R37M BVR missiles have a range of about 186-248 miles (knots kilometers) and speed Mac-6 (4500 mph).

 Air to ground: •••• 4 Kh-38M •••• 4 Kh-58UShK •••••••• 8 KAB-500 laser guided bombs

 4 Kh-35 2 K-74M2 for Maritime Strike.

 Although there are some flaws, there is no doubt that the SU-57 is one of the best fighters in the world.

 Soyeb Atik

 Dept.  of Anthropology

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sukhoi 57 fighter jet

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