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Write as a member of Jibhai.com

Write as a member of Jibhai.com. You can join the Jibhai.com team and write. In this case, Jibhai.com evaluates the writers with respect. You can write to us to spread your own information with your own credit and your own name.

There is no obligation that the quality of your writing should be very high. Jibhai.com believes all people can if he tries. So whatever your writing is, Jibhai.com will take it positively.

This steps you have to follow to write with us:

  •  Your writing must be authentic. As the truth is the norm in Jibhai.com.
  • In your writing, people of any religion, caste, race, or gender cannot be despised.
  • Jibhai.com does not allow provocative writing.
  • Jibhai.com does not allow any political or religious extremist writing.
  • Be careful about the source of the information. Information should not be taken from unreliable sources, the truth is the standard of Jibhai.com.
  • If you want to get information from a website, you have to specify the URL of that website.
  • If information of any book is taken, a bookmark should be given in the required place. At the end of writing, the name of the book-author name-page no-edition no, publisher, etc. should be mentioned.
  •  Wikipedia cannot be used as a source of information.
  •  No copy paste will be accepted.
  • Articles must be at least 300 words, but there is no maximum limit.

Special Note: Your writing will have credit with your name. If you continue to write regularly, you will be given a permanent ID number and will be honored through negotiations. To send the text, please write: [email protected]

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