There is no peace even after Maradona’s death

There is no peace even after Maradona’s death. The grave will be dug again


60 lawsuits filed against Maradona, grave could be dug for DNA test: Maradona has no peace after death.

Maradona was less than a month after his death. But since the death of this world football legend, there has been a heated discussion about the property he left behind. There is a storm in the cup of tea, because the amount of property is not so bad. The estimated value is about 1-4 million dollars. Who will be the owner of this vast property?

And with the ownership of this property begins a new problem. From his children to his girlfriends and even his photographers and lawyers continue to claim his property. So far, the number of cases in the court is about 60 or more. 

The main reason for the problem with the property is that Maradona did not make a will in the name of anyone. Under Argentine law, one-third of Maradona’s property could be divided between children and spouses, while the other two-thirds could be divided between children and spouses. There are also children. The question is to test DNA. In this case, the demand for digging graves also came up.

Who could be the real rightful owners of Maradona’s property? 

In the countries where he has played and coached, or been involved in other ways, such as Argentina, Spain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus and Mexico, the property of this legend is scattered. Only his recognized five children can claim this property.

There are also six children. Those who claimed to be Maradona’s children at different times, but Maradona himself did not recognize. But Maradona says Giannina and Dalmai are his only children, the children of Maradona’s ex-wife Claudia Villafon. They divorced in 2003. After that, news of his girlfriend came up at different times in his life. Maradona has also misbehaved with various journalists and photographers at various times who later sued him for defamation. Now they can also claim property.

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