How Biden administration will act against Iran?

What could be the relation between the United States and Iran in the upcoming Biden administration

Will it be further escalation of tension or normalizing relation between the two great nations?

In 20th January Joe-Biden is scheduled to take office as 46th U.S. president eliminating Republican president Donald Trump from white house. President-elect Joe-Biden will be the second democratic president in 21st century after his former boss democratic president Barack Obama.

Iran and United states the two historically rival country have been at loggerheads throughout The Trump Administration. Tension between the two country soared when in 2018 Trump abruptly pulled out his country from a historic nuclear deal signed three years perior between Iran and major world powers.

Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” policy against Iran and crippling sanctions imposed on Iranian oil exports made the situation worse. The two country reached at the doorstep of war by the killing of Iranian top military leader and head of elite Quds force General Qassem Soleimani, assassination was directly ordered by Donald Trump.

However, president-elect Joe-Biden repeatedly said in his election campaign that he will rejoin the landmark deal (JCPOA) signed by his former democratic colleague Barack Obama. This approach will definitely be an indication of normalization. Iranian authorities retaliating against American provocative actions both in military and diplomatic manner.

For instance, Iranian attack on American military base stationed in Iraq on 8 January 2020 as a retaliatory measure for the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani.

Trump administration is trying their utmost to jam the process of getting back to the deal again. Though it will be a tough work to make a friendly relationship between the two great nation, we are optimistic that president-elect Biden will be able to negotiate with Iranian leaders and come up with better solution.

We hope politicians all over the world will maintain universal peace by reflecting the will of mass people across the globe. Indeed, both American and Iranian authorities should compromise each other to reach the ultimate goal of humanity “peace”.

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Raj Chakroborthy

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