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Jibhai Online magazine launched on June 12, 2020. It was founded by Arman Khan. From the beginning, the magazine has been gaining popularity. Here students from universities and reputed colleges express their highest sense of independence as well as give others the opportunity to read.JIBHAI covers the people, food, culture, arts and entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, stories and poems that defines whole world with truth as the norm


Jibhai.com is an up-to-the-minute daily resource for people who want to keep up with what matters in our country and also the whole world, In particular, lifestyle, entertainment, opinions, stories, novels, poems as well as international issues are expressed with the truth. Anyone can also find various tips and tricks by visiting here. Also, Anyone can increase the scope of his knowledge by visiting here. On the other hand, anyone can express his talent by sending us his stories, novels, poems. Send your story or tips and tricks to General Editor: [email protected]. For advertising information, please contact business section:  [email protected]


An annual event of Jibhai.com has been scheduled. There will be separate prizes in a total of 10 categories based on stories, novels, poems, and various tips and tricks. This competition will be organized every year. Contact the admin to find out more about our event. Mail: [email protected]

Custom Content

JIBHAI Custom Content group offers full-service capabilities in producing premium publications, unique inserts and advertising impact units, digital products, mobile apps, and more. Please direct inquiries to us. Mail:[email protected]

Address: Alaol hall,Chittagong University-4331,Hathazari,Chittagong

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