Written sources of history short note

Written sources of history

Written sources of history Introduction  Written sources of history short note: Written sources are those which are found in the form of written text. Written sources are used for reconstructing ancient, medieval, and modern history and the historian used those for reconstructing the culture. The written source is important for checking data and the information … Read more

Tom and Jerry history

Tom and Jerry history

Tom and Jerry history Tom and Jerry are known to everyone. Here, Tom is a cat and Jerry is a rat, whose grandparents have created this cartoon series with these cats and mice. It was first built at Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios in Hollywood. Hanna-Barbera Studios is currently producing this popular cartoon series. William Hanna … Read more

Origin of language: Theories, Sources, How did language originate?

Origin of language

Origin of language  Origin of language: The beginnings of language are based on the concept of natural sounds. As we all know the human auditory system is functioning before birth. The first perspective that language evolved from the calls of human ancestors seems logical because both humans and animals make sounds or cries. Even this suggests … Read more

Separation of powers historical examples

Separation of power

Separation of powers The separation of power thusly alludes to the division of government obligations into unmistakable branches to restrict anyone branch from practicing the center elements of another. The purpose is to forestall the centralization of force and accommodate balanced governance. The purpose of partition of abilities is to forestall the grouping of unchecked … Read more

German empire states history short note

German empire

In 449, Germanic tribes invaded Britain. They came from the different regions of Denmark and then gradually occupied the low-lands and highlands. But about their locations, there is no strong evidence. It was actually known by Bede and Anglo-Saxons. Bede said that the Germanic tribes who wanted to defeat Britain were the Angles, Saxons and … Read more