What happens if you get caught Torrenting

What happens if you get caught Torrenting

How does torrent work or What happens if you get caught Torrenting?

Let me give you a little description, let’s say you are a normal user, you think you will download something today, it could be movies, games, audio, video anything like that.

Now your download will process,

First you send a signal from your computer, it goes to a server and the webpage from that particular server is displayed in front of you. That means you are downloading your specific file from that specific server.

General Download Process

Client Signals> Specific Servers> Specific Webpages> Client Downloads.

Let’s see What happens if you get caught Torrenting

Torrent does not have to rely on a single server. This means that there is no specific server from which the client downloads its specific file.

There is a server on each computer for those who go to the torrent site to download. If you go to this site to download a movie, then your computer will be added as a server.

In other words, in exchange for downloading something, you are giving others the opportunity to download that file from your computer. And in this way, the more people come to download, the more the download speed will increase. Because whoever comes will have his computer server to download. In this way, 1000 people will actually be servers with 1000 computers. Then 999 computers will work as servers for one person, everyone joins this sharing process and downloads the file they need.

What happens if you get caught Torrenting
torrent downloading process

Two things on which the download speed depends

Peers It is also called leechers.


Peers or leechers are those who are downloading and uploading at the same time. And Seeds are the ones who are just uploading. In other words, those who have finished downloading but still have internet connection and have connected the file to torrent.

Now we will learn how to use it to download the file we need. Let’s learn how to download easily

The way torrent-downloads movies, games, audio

The things that are mandatory in case of download, you have to connect three things with which you download on mobile or PC.

You need to connect three virtual things to download games, audio, video from torrent.

  • app or software
  • Site
  • File

Torrent app

torrent android apps
torrents apps

If you are an Android phone user, you can download the torrent app or software from the Play Store. However, each app or software has a different version of the PC. So if you are a computer user, you may not already know how to download software. You will download the software as a general rule. I am mentioning the names of some apps or software which are popular on mobile or PC. E.g. qBittorent, Vuze, Deluge, Bitorrent, uTorrent I will suggest a special uTorrent for Android users.


torrent site
most uses torrents site

You need to visit a torrent website to download the file. For this I would especially suggest YTS, RARBG, 1337x, Torrentz2, The Pirate Bay, the best site for movies from here 1337x and the rest of the games are used for pirated software or any other file. However, the movie is more or less available. These are very popular sites. Due to some internal problems of the site, domain extensions are often changed.


Entering the torrent site, a torrent file is 100 to 200 kb. It takes 1 to 2 seconds to download (start downloading your original file with it). Take this small file from the site for whatever you want to download such as movies, audios, videos, games.

Now start your final download process:

Combine three virtual things,

Go to the torrent site> download the specified small connector file> connect it to the app or software.

Start the download: The download speed will depend on the seeders and leechers of your specific file.

Here is the video for you, watch the full YouTube video below to make your needs clear, hopefully there will be no more problems.

Click the video link here

Note: If you want, you can download and connect the torrent file by searching directly from the app or software, but I think the method I am talking about is better. However, there is no paragraph that if you do it in one way, you will automatically learn in another way

Torrent alert, whether the torrent is legal or illegal!

Torrent usage caution

Torrent usage caution, legal or illegal
Torrent usage caution

There are many unauthorized files i.e. pirated software, audio, video which are not valid. In that case, when you go to download it, it will be shared from your computer. So any policy can be your danger later. Because You do not have the right to share. So in case of using torrent you have to use VPN. Then it will not be possible to track your real IP. Not all pirates are always there, there are many valid files that you can download. So hopefully use the positive side of it.

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