Pregnancy diet plan for Indian

Pregnancy diet plan for indian

Being a mother is a different feeling in the life of every girl.  Maternal and child health care is very important during pregnancy.  The health and well-being of the baby depend on the diet and care of the pregnant mother.

Pregnancy diet plan for indian as well as Mother’s take care

Antenatal care is the period of care from the time of conception to the birth of the child. Ensuring regular health care, safe delivery, and postpartum health care for every pregnant mother. Seek medical attention in case of any complications.  Because the health of the child depends on the health of the mother.  Therefore, the mother’s health should be taken care of from the first day of pregnancy by thinking about the health of the mother and the baby.

  •  A doctor should be consulted as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed.  This means that the pregnant woman is given once a month for 28 weeks, once in 15 days till 36 weeks, and once a week after giving birth.
  •  It is better not to travel during the first trimester and last trimester of pregnancy.  Because traveling by vehicle is harmful to health.
  •   There should be physical and mental peace, in which the child will grow naturally.
  •  Adequate nutritious food and plenty of water should be eaten. That means you should eat more food than usual during pregnancy.
  •  Stay away from people infected with infectious diseases like influenza, measles, chickenpox, etc.
  •  Avoid hard and heavy work.
  •  Two TT vaccines should be given in 5 to 6 months.
  •  Always stay clean. If you are clean, the mind is good.
  •  Need to rest.  Sleep 2 hours a day and 8 hours a night.
  •   Mother’s teeth become soft during pregnancy. Therefore, special care needs to be taken for teeth and gums. 
  •  It is safe to deliver to a health center or clinic.  Delivery by a trained midwife if that is not possible.

Checkup plan for indian during pregnancy

  •  1st: 4th month (16 weeks)
  •   2nd: 6th month (24 weeks)
  • 3rd: 8th month (32 weeks)
  • 4th: 9th month (36 weeks)

There is a saying that, “Healthy mother, healthy child”.  In other words, if the mother is healthy, the child will also be healthy. Therefore, the care of the mother comes first.  Everyone in the family should take special care of the pregnant mother.

Pregnancy diet plan for indian/diet list:

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Pregnancy diet

 During pregnancy, a woman’s body needs extra calories. Because during this time mother’s cells, fetus, the placenta is formed. So in addition to normal food, some extra food has to be eaten. All mothers who have proper weight have to gain 11 kg weight after pregnancy.  If they have or have a BMI of 26-29, they will have to gain 6-7 kg of weight. The trimester divides what the diet list should look like during pregnancy.

Pregnancy diet plan for indian during trimester

The trimester is divided into three parts- 

(1) First Trimester (first three months) 

 Women are very worried early in pregnancy.  They need to eat extra, and gain a lot of weight by eating.  This can harm both the mother and the baby.  At this time you can have a glass of milk and 1 egg with your daily meal.  Also eat vegetables and fruits. And drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses. Fluoric acid can be eaten vegetables such as nuts, lentils, chickpeas, mint, capsicum, fenugreek, etc.  Because at this time the child’s head and spine begin to form.

(2) Second Trimester (four months to six months) 

 At this time you need to eat more than 200-300 calorie food.  Usually an adult girl or woman needs to eat 2200 calories.  And if you are pregnant, you need to eat 2500.  At this time vitamin D and mega three fatty acids are eaten.  This is because at this time the child’s brain and eyes are formed. And these nutrients are very important for the proper development.  Vitamin D is found in fish oil, sunlight, milk, yogurt and wheat.  Eat lots of fish and iodine-rich foods. Also eat plenty of calcium-rich foods.  Because then it helps to make the baby’s bones and flesh.

(3) Third Trimester (from six months before the baby is born) 

 At this time you have to drink a lot of water.  Because then there is a possibility of more constipation.  And ginger tea helps to relieve constipation in many people. Fibrous fruits and vegetables should be eaten at this time.  Avoid spicy and fried foods.

 Also eat more foods with vitamin C.  Such as  myrobalan, guava, lemon etc.

 And you need to take 300 mg of vitamin A every day.  You need to eat more liquid food. In addition, you need to get enough sleep and rest regularly.  Because the physical constitution of the child depends on the mother’s diet.


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