Written sources of history short note

Written sources of history


Written sources of history short note: Written sources are those which are found in the form of written text. Written sources are used for reconstructing ancient, medieval, and modern history and the historian used those for reconstructing the culture. The written source is important for checking data and the information which is collected from history. Written sources are important because with the help of written sources we can construct our past civilization and culture.

Written sources of history information

What are the written sources of history? 

Written sources include contemporary letters, official records, political declarations, administrative texts, eyewitness accounts, and history, and also many biographies which were written in the ancient medieval and modern times. Moreover, many historians use any of these written documents to find out the past event. The historian also finds the past events from the biographies. 

Written sources of history examples 

Historical records or documents or the primary source can be mentioned as an example of a written source of history. Moreover, newspapers, financial papers, official reports, and old family papers are also examples of written source and historians can find out the past events of those. Even a map, a diary, and an inventory are also examples of written sources.

Advantage of written source of history 

Written sources can reconstruct us from the past. We can learn from the past through written sources. 

  • Written sources are important because this thing can be kept from generation to generation.
  • Another one is we can’t change the date of past events because that information is written down.
  • People learn from those information through reading.

Written sources of history in India 

Most information about India was found through written sources. Ancient India has a large written source about the past incident.

  • The main part is about the Vedic or Hindu civilization and their culture and literature. The four Vedas of Hindu literature and  Brahmans, Aranyakas , Upanishads, Puranas, Sutras, Simitis come from the written sources.
  • Even Buddhist literature, Jain literature are found from written sources.
  • We learn sculpture and the paintings through the written sources of India.


Written sources of history are important for any civilization. Because of those sources, we can learn our past history that occurs in that time and the culture, the literature, and their philosophy. Written sources increase our knowledge.

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