Traffic Jam Paragraph for SSC, HSC, class 6, 7, 8, 9 and pdf download

Traffic Jam Paragraph

Dear students, many of you find English paragraph traffic jams online. But it turns out that everyone learns the same traffic jam paragraph that turns out to be boring when you see the same paragraph.

Today I have arranged an exceptional traffic jam paragraph for you. If you read this traffic jam paragraph

 You will find the answers to these questions about traffic jams

1. What do you mean by traffic jam

2. Why do traffic jams happen?

3. What are the reasons behind the traffic jam?

4. How do you feel during a traffic jam?

5. What steps is the government taking to reduce traffic jams?

6. How do you think traffic jams can be reduced?

7. Is there any fault in the driver behind the traffic jam?

Traffic Jam Paragraph for class 6 to 8

Traffic jam is an extended queue of vehicles on a road. It is an big hassle and nuisance for the present day society. It causes unspeakable sufferings for the urban people. Many vehicles shifting at the identical street on the identical (একই সময়) time cause traffic jam. Besides, our traffic police are not sincere. They often do not do their duties honestly. The drivers are careless with traffic rules. They tried to get extra passengers and stuck their buses right here and there. All these things together cause traffic jams. Moreover, too many rickshaws plying on the streets are another reason for traffic jams. At the time of a traffic jam I feel extremely bored because it kills our precious time. This trouble should not be allowed to continue. Strict regulation ought to be imposed to govern traffic jam. Exemplary punishment ought to the drivers who do now no longer obey traffic rules. Above all, the traffic authority should be more active to enforce traffic rules and maintain discipline on the roads.

Traffic Jam Paragraph For class 9 to 12 (SSC, HSC)

When the amount of road users on the road will increase on the far side of the capability of the road, the vehicles cannot move normally, such a condition is termed traffic jam.Traffic jams are a daily sight in the big cities of Bangladesh. Especially the capital Dhaka is better known as the city of traffic jams. Traffic jams are almost always in Dhaka city at any time of the day, morning, noon or night. Although Dhaka Divided into two city corporations, the city is home to about 20 million people. Buses, trucks, and other vehicles all carry around a few lakh vehicles which are much more uncontrolled than necessary. Drivers are also responsible for traffic jams because they are not educated in the right direction to drive so they drive reversed without realizing it.There is no suitable road for these vehicles. With the addition of bikes and rickshaws, ordinary people cannot move more properly on the sidewalks. Another reason for traffic jams is that cars, autos or rickshaws are parked on both sides of the road. The bigger problem is the small shop which illegally falls on the road resulting in small road size. Road construction work goes on all year round which requires bricks, stones, cement which have to be placed on the road. Due to the mentioned reasons, traffic jams are more.In the meantime, the government is making efforts to expedite the implementation of projects like flyovers, various overbridges, underpasses, link roads with new roads, metro rail, etc. to reduce traffic jam. At the same time, if the traffic system can be improved and awareness is created among the people, the traffic jam will be reduced a lot.

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