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Tourism in Bangladesh Paragraph

Tourism is closely related to the travelers who travel from one place to another in the world and the people of the tourist spots. Nowadays ‘tourism’ is a very common providing things for people especially for tourists to do, places for phenomenon all over the world. It refers to the business as a mechanism of interaction between travelers and the people of the destination. A country having some tourist spots can depend on them to stay, etc while they are on holiday. In another sense, it is a common issue, it is still a new idea for a country like tourism for much of its income. Despite being a very from when and how the process of to another to satisfy their mental hunger. The definition of tourism is moving out of one zone from usual traveling first. Day by day it has spread throughout the world. Place of residence for a certain period. This movement will not tourism was first originated none be related with earning activities in the place of visit. Tourism is the activities of tourists which mainly depends on tourist spots. It can be defined as an industry tourist spot, and can easily establish an industry called tourism. A tourism center has to engage some employees and tourist guides to run its activities. To make the tourist venue attractive to tourists or foreigners, a tourism center has to take some necessary steps. It has to publicize the tourist spot to inform and to attract the tourists, especially the foreigners. Tourist spots: There are some mentionable tourist spots in the world upon which many tourist centers have been established. Bali-island in Indonesia, Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean, Niagra Falls in Canada and America, Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata Jaffong in Bangladesh, LUVOR museum in France, pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Tajmahal of India, etc. are some important tourist spots in the world. Many tourists especially foreigners come to these spots to enjoy their celestial beauty. People want to pleasure and recreation by seeing the fantastic beautiful spots and historical venues. Besides these tourism is a profitable business. A country can earn foreign currencies. God-gifted natural places and man-made historical venues are the main attractions. The land, the rivers, the mountains, the forests can give one celestial beauty. Sea, sand, beauty spots as well as historical places can attract people. A snow, sun, scenery, and sightseeing are the main objectives. Natural tourist visits for many reasons. He wants to enjoy the uncommon and unique beauty of the world. He wants to pass his idle time by seeing the different countries and the objects of their pride. It has a very economic value for a country, especially a poor country like Bangladesh. It is, no doubt, crystal clear that a country is lucky enough who has at least a tourist spot. It is tourism that makes a country known to the world and helps a country to improve its economy. So, our government and authority concerned should come forward to take some necessary steps to build up a tourism center very soon.

Tourism in Bangladesh pdf

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