Torbaaz 2020

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Torbaaz movie release; Crime -thriller 

 Movie Name :Torbaaz 2020

 Category: Crime,Thriller 

 Director:Grish Mallick

 Producer:Rahul Mitra 

 Distributor:Netflix (India)

Starring:Sanjay Dutt,Rahul Dev,Nargis Fakhri etc. 

One of the most influential and famous actors in Bollywood is Sanjay Dutt

 To many fans, he is known as “Sanju Baba”.  Many media also named him “Sanju Baba”.

 Although Sanjay Dutt has been battling cancer in recent times, his acting style in Indian films has not stopped !!!!

 In addition to cancer treatment, Sanjay Dutt has shot KGF Chapter 2, the biggest hyped movie of 2021.  He has also been associated with some of these movies.

 One of the most talked about movies in the movie is “Torbaaz” (2020).

 Which has been released on 11.12.2020.

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Summary of the Story torbaaz :

 An army officer lost his wife and child forever in an accident. The accident was, of course, a terrorist attack.

 In Afghanistan, the Taliban train young children as human bombs.  Makes them terrible!

 But the future of a child should never be so terrible !!!

 So this army officer (Sanjay Dutt) retired from the army and tried to teach cricket to these little boys and girls in Afghanistan which became an extreme cut for the Taliban terrorists !!!

Torbaaz trailer

 Now can that army officer save these lotus minded children from this horrible situation?

 Or will he end up in Afghanistan after being shot by the Taliban?

If you want to know, you must watch: Torbaaz Cinema

 Viewers have also seen bad movies like “Sarak 2” even if only for Sanjay Dutt’s performance!  Then it is understood that he is a legendary actor !!

 Moreover, the image of Rowdy that he had or had is not present in some of the movies he has acted in, but it is still there.  Although now Rowdy has left this getup and is leaning towards a little cold acting. One example of this is this “archer”.

 You can download from your WiFi server or you can watch from there by subscribing to Netflix.

Our Bangla edition

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Samiul Haque Nijhum

 University of Chittagong

torbaaz full movie

torbaaz movie trailer

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