Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow figures of speech

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow figures of speech

By William Shakespeare

Identifying figures of speech from the soliloquy of Macbeth by Shakespeare:

1. From the first line of a poem we can see that tomorrow is repeated in the sentence. That’s an example of a palilogy. Also, we can see that there is a conjunction in the first sentence. It represents polysyndeton. We also bind personification in the final line. From the word tomorrow. Also, we can find Alliteration.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Figure of speech Analysis, from the soliloquy of Macbeth by Shakespeare,

2. From the second line of the poem we can find personification in the word Creeps that is connected with tomorrow. We also find Alliteration from those words “petty pace” both P and P indicate Alliteration in the line. Also from the word day today, we can find palilogy. 

3. We can find periphrasis and metaphor in the 3rd line of the poem. The word syllable and time indicates metaphor and the last syllable of recorded time represents periphrasis

4. In the 4th line of the poem ‘darkness’ is used for personification.

5. From the 5th line we can find ‘Hyperteg & ‘Alliteration ‘palilogy’ ‘Metaphor’. Hyperteg is used in the sentence. The way to “dusty death”. Death is not dusty, way is dusty that’s why Hyperteg is used in the sentence. Also, we can find Alliteration from “dusty death”. There is also a palilogy that can be seen in the word out, out. Also, Shakespeare used the word candle which indicates metaphor. 

6. Metaphor is used in the 6th line. Here, life is compared to a walking shadow. But life is not a walking shadow. 

7. Also in the 7th line we can see the metaphor. Here, the stage is compared to the world as a stage of the drama 

8. In the 8th line we can see a perfect example of a metaphor. Here, the tale is compared with our life. Also, we can find out Alliteration from the words tale told. Also, an idiot indicates personification.

9. The last two lines we can see an example of an adjective from the words ‘sound and fury’ that indicates an adjective. The words give us a sense of ‘famous sound’.

The last line is an example of complexity. we can say both lines indicate complexity in those sentences. Also, it has an ascending tendency in those last lines.

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow figures of speech

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