Thales philosophy water: short notes

Thales philosophy water: Thales of Miletus

Everything is water philosophy

Thales philosophy water short note
Thales philosophy water

Thales philosophy water

Thales of Miletus is the first philosopher and revered as the father of ancient Greek Philosophy. According to him, water is the source of all things. Everything originates from water and also disappears in the water. Among all the things that are becoming visible to us, only water has the quality of holding three conditions easily such as solid, liquid, and gaseous. Sometimes water becomes steam and sometimes water becomes ice. In summer, river water turns into steam and then the river gets dry. In the rainy season, it floods again. Other than this, the creation of islands in the sea and new platforms under the river, apparition, and disappearance of the water in earthquakes all are the action of water. In fact, life on earth originated from water and water is the most important element in the formation of living cells. People cannot survive without water, the importance of water along with food is essential for livelihood.

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