Seize the day Saul Bellow

Book Review: Saul Bellow’s – Seize the Day

Seize the day saul bellow

Saul bellow was born in 1915, to a Russian family in Quebec. ‘Seize the Day‘ is his most famous novel, published in 1965. Each of his novels depicts the miserable people and fallen humanity in the life of a civic artist. In 1976 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Seize the day Saul Bellow Short story description:

Tommy Wilhelm is the central character in the novel Seize the day Saul Bellow. He is in his forties. Age is not heroic at all. The burden of his memory, the failures of the past, the grief of the present, and the events of a single day plagued by unspeakable pain have been narrated.

His father is Dr. Adler. They live under the same roof in the hotel but they live in a completely different world. 

In terms of professional success, he’s at the pinnacle of success. He’s one of New York’s best-known doctors. But his son, Tommy, is a failure. His life has been turned upside down by one wrong decision after another. Every decision has been taken against his father, and every time he has cheated.

He went to Hollywood against his father’s wishes. He also failed there 

Unhappy in married life too. Tommy flinched in the hope of a little peace. Suddenly one day he met Dr. Tamkin. Talking to Tamkin, Tommy thinks that he has been looking for Tamkin for so long. He goes into business with Tamkin. This time, Tommy’s father did not respond to Tommy’s decision. But Tommy ignores his father and goes into business with Tamkin. Tommy thinks that Robinson Crusoe did nothing wrong by crossing the sea against his father’s wishes. Robinson Crusoe will do as he pleases, but Tommy doesn’t know the reality. It’s hard to be realistic.  On the other hand, when his business collapsed, Tamkin left him and fled.

After repeatedly failing to go his own way, Tommy has nowhere to go.

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Tommy goes to his father to do whatever he wants. Tommy goes to his father to share his heartache. But his father doesn’t want to understand Tommy’s sorrows anymore because his son is against his will.  Tommy goes to his father for a little peace, but he comes back shocked. Meanwhile, his wife called him to send money for their two children.  Tommy tries to send money for his child even if he doesn’t like his wife. But how to send money. He doesn’t have that money. Tamkin cheated with him and ran away with the money. Tommy wants to marry his girlfriend for some peace. But his married wife  he doesn’t even have the money to pay for the divorce. He is a complete failure in life.

Tommy wanted to live a romantic life. But he never saw the thrill, and I don’t think he will. 

Thinking about all this, while walking on the road, he suddenly noticed that a dead man was being taken away by everyone. Standing a little farther, Tommy looked at it and began to cry. Year after year, the pain that had accumulated in his mind began to fall into tears. He began to cry, covering his face with his hands.Sadness, pain, all longing began to drown in his tears.

This was the story of the novel ‘Seize the Day’.At the end of the story, Tommy sees the death of a dead man and dreams of a thrilling death. In this way, another Tommy is gradually born in Tommy.

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