Pygmy goats for sale: Complete Guide

Pygmy goats for sale

Pygmy goats

Pygmy goats are originally found in Africa. This types of goats are small types of small goats. They were called the Cameroon Dwarf goat. Pygmy goats are mostly found in West African countries. Moreover, this types of goats are also found in northern, southwestern and east part of Africa. Pygmy’s are considered meat goats but they are mainly used as pets. However, Pygmy goats known as Cameroon Dwarf goat which are also found in United states and known as American Pygmy. However, African and American Pygmy’s both are different from one another. In 1950’s United States pygmy goats were brought from West Africa for research.

Pygmy goats mostly African Pygmy goats are small

in size. They average 15 to 20 inches tall which is minimum 38.1 to 50.8 C.M. (centimeters). Both females and males Pygmies are over weigh.

The females weigh about 23 to 34 kg (around 50 pounds) and males weigh about 27 to 39 kg which is around 60 pounds.

Color of Pygmy goats:

There are different types of color in Pygmy goats. They are in different shape. Most often we can see the light, white dark Pygmy goats. However, there are also dark red, silver, grey, light grey, dark gray pygmy goats. Even, we can find some black with frasted colors, solid black and brown colon pygmy goats.

Pygmy goals also give small portion of high quality milk which is considered as meat goat. The milk is delicious and tasty.

There are difference between the pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf Pygmies. Like, the pygmy is small, cobby and bored is not fine while the Nigerian Dwarf Pygmies are cobby with the heavy boned. 

Pygmies breed characteristics features include a complete straight coat medium length of hair which is changed in density for the seasons and climate. For the female pygmies, beards are the non existent thing but for an adult males, their hair growth is desirable. For them, their beard will be long and flowing.

These Pygmy goats are truly intelligent and friendly. Now a days, pygmies can be seen in the Zoo. They are quite strong. The female Pygmy goats, birth one or two kids and the weight of the kid goats are around 4 pounds of birth.

It really quite interesting that their kids can men and jump will within a few hours.

Those Pygmy goats lived around 15 years.

Pygmy goats for sale

We can find and buy Pygmy goats thorough many website. This popular goats are very famous and popular in all over the world. Most people buy Pygmy goats are being use as pet.

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