Period pain tablets no need to collect

Period pain tablets no need to do, as it’s side effects can make you have problems giving birth in the future. Motherhood is automatic in a girl’s life, every girl wants to be a mother. However, no girl wants to get endless pain, so if there is pain, it is natural to find a solution. We will talk about how to reduce period pain without tablets. So let’s get started, Period pain tablets no need to collect those.

A groundbreaking invention by the country’s nutritionists in alleviating women’s period complications; unbearable pain.

 Every woman has a little bit of physical discomfort during the period.  There are various physical discomforts and then there is a stomach pain.  Sometimes due to pain, daily activities cannot be done properly.  The pain is often so intense that the patient looks very upset.  Some people with pain may have headaches, backaches, or vomiting.  Usually, 18-25-year-old girls suffer more from this problem.

 Why is  this unbearable pain during menstruation? 

 Abdominal pain and physical discomfort during the period, something that doesn’t feel good continues.  There is no reason to fear that many people have mild stomach ache.  Once a child is born, this lower abdominal pain subsides. 

But if the pain is excessive and persists for a long time, it is called ‘Dysmenorrhea’.

There are two types :

get sleeping a girl during her periods unbearable pain
A girl during her period get sleeping

1. Primary Dysmenorrhea :

 It is more common in girls aged 18-25.  There is no exact reason for this.  It can be seen that when every girl starts her period before she becomes a mother, there is pain in the lower abdomen till the 1st / 2nd day, after which it decreases.  During this time, eggs are produced in the body of girls. And these eggs are ready for pregnancy.  Pregnancy is possible only if it is combined with sperm.  So if not matched, these eggs are destroyed due to lack of sperm.  As a result, they come out at regular intervals.  Constant loss in this way causes stomach pain.

 There are also some reasons such as unreasonable worries about pain during the period, again due to various reasons such as stress, unrest, broken health, too much work stress comes to mind, etc. can be said to be the cause of pain.

2. Secondary  Dysmenorrhea :

 Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by hormonal problems, chocolate cysts or pelvic inflammatory disease in the ovaries, uterine tumors and congenital uterine problems.  In this case the pain is different.  The pain starts 2/3 days before the start of the period.  And at this time the pain is very intense.  Those who suffer from this pain know very well how unbearable and painful this pain is.

Without doing Period pain tablets, we can do Curcuma Super Food to alleviate premenstrual syndrome:

 The country’s nutritionists have found a new door to alleviate women’s periods of pain.  At this time, functional food like Curcuma Super Food’ is very effective in relieving period pain.  The results of the research report were released at a function organized by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC)  at Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology at Farmgate in the capital on Saturday (November 26, 2020).  The study was conducted by Khaleda Islam, Professor of Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Dhaka University, and AK Obaidul Haque, Professor, Food Technology and Nutritional Science, Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology.  Researchers are optimistic about their inventions.

 The results of the study further show that, such functional foods are as effective in menstrual health problems as they have no side effects.  Where women take painkillers to alleviate the unbearable pain of menstruation.  Which also has side effects. 

 However, Organic Nutrition Limited has been conducting research at home and abroad for a long time and is trying to create awareness among the general public about the need for functional food in Bangladesh.

Curcuma Organic Super Food instead of doing Period pain tablets:

 Curcuma Super Food is a blend of multiple functional foods, designed specifically to benefit women’s menstrual health.  All its ingredients have been collected from various reliable sources of the earth.  Which is organically certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

The main benefits : 

◑ Menstruation plays a role in health.

◑Helps to  reduce pain.

◑ Help  to increase the radiance of the  



 Clinical trials of products/ingredients conducted by various medical universities and laboratories have proven that it is highly effective in the human body without any side effects.  It is an organic food (food that is produced in a completely natural way without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides).

Curcuma Super Food is a (Proprietary) Functional Food, it is not a medicine.  Its ingredients have been used as food in different parts of Asia for hundreds of years.

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