Thales philosophy water: short notes

thales philosophy water

Thales philosophy water: Thales of Miletus Everything is water philosophy Thales philosophy water Thales of Miletus is the first philosopher and revered as the father of ancient Greek Philosophy. According to him, water is the source of all things. Everything originates from water and also disappears in the water. Among all the things that are … Read more

How To Choose The Best Portable Solar Panels For Home Use

The Best Portable Solar Panels For Home Use

Portable solar panels for home use It is possible to use portable solar panels for home use to produce electricity.  They are efficient as solar power systems, they do reduce carbon emissions. It is important to purchase the right one for your needs. You can choose from a variety of portable solar panels. But they … Read more

Period pain tablets no need to collect

During period woman's pain

Period pain tablets no need to do, as it’s side effects can make you have problems giving birth in the future. Motherhood is automatic in a girl’s life, every girl wants to be a mother. However, no girl wants to get endless pain, so if there is pain, it is natural to find a solution. … Read more

Seize the day Saul Bellow

seize the day carpe diem seize the day seize the moment in latin

Book Review: Saul Bellow’s – Seize the Day Seize the day saul bellow Saul bellow was born in 1915, to a Russian family in Quebec. ‘Seize the Day‘ is his most famous novel, published in 1965. Each of his novels depicts the miserable people and fallen humanity in the life of a civic artist. In … Read more

Self driven person

Self driven person

Self driven person Self driven person: We all are self-driven people. If I go more specific people have different drives except for basic needs. Some guys have a drive for art, literature, science, and so on. And it just drives him. He is in autopilot mode. It doesn’t take him so much effort to complete … Read more