Difference between Neolithic age and Metal age

Neolithic age and Metal age

Comparative discussion among Neolithic age and the age of Metal:

Both “Neolithic age and the age of Metals” are connected with the prehistoric age., In the Neolithic age man progress a lot and acquired

knowledge about nature. They created a new type of civilization. 

The Greek meaning of Neolithic is New Stone. The people of this age were fully dependent on stone implements. They only used gold cause they were

ignorant of metal use metals. They made their implements with stone. We can find the Neolithic sites near the coasts of lakes and seas, also near mining and fishing areas in India. The Neolithic men are found almost in every Post of India. They are also found in Salm Anantapur, Hyderabad, Kurnool, Malabar, Mysore, Gujrat etc. They had a fine sense of color. They also chose stones of different hues for their tools. They also discovered pottery and used many colors to make that pottery. Today we used bowls, flower pots, lotahs. Those are the forms of that pottery.

The people of Neolithic age used to eat fruits,

vegetables, roots, nuts, also they eat the flash of animals and fish. Not only this they also knew how to make curd from the milk. They also make butter and ghee. 

The Neolithic people used scanty dress. They used to cover their bodies with barks and skins of animals. Later they discovered clothes of cotton and wool. It is remarkable that India was the first country where cotton was first discovered and cultivated. The people of the Neolithic age were dependent on fishing. Their main cultivation was fisting. But, they mainly depend on wild grain. However, they soon started producing gain by their own efforts. The people domesticated animals and first of them was the dog. They were the first to conceive a meal sense of religion. They believed the cycle of life and they worship stone.

Whereas in the Age of Metals people discovered metals. But the gold was discovered previously in the Neolithic age. In this age people used gold for the purpose of making ornaments. Gold was first discovered in south India and Egypt, Mesopotamia and Indus. Valley people imported it from there. But After this copper was discovered Copper was used to manufacture tools and implements. In the northern part people used this copper for making weapons. People were more advanced in the Metal age. In the metal age people used to cultivate and their main occupation was cultivation. Metal age was not like the Neolithic age. After inventing copper, the people of Metal age discovered Iron. For that they gave up hunting and became dependent on agriculture.

Neolithic age and Metal age people are different but the people of Neolithic age discovered many new things except copper and Iron.

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