My hero academia summary and analysis

My hero academia summary

Series:  My Hero Academia

My hero academia summary:

My Hero Academia is an animated series. In the series, once a child was born with extraordinary power. After that, with the evolution of human beings, the new generations began to be born with extraordinary power. These powers are known as “quirk”. They do not have the same qualities quirk. Some people born with a pretty stronger quirk and some born with medium, normal or weak quirk. Each people have a kind of quirks. There are good people in society as well as bad people who are involved in different types of crimes. To prevent these crimes government officially hired trained people whose quirk is stronger than normal peoples. These trained people are called “pro-heroes”. However, some people are quirk less by born. Among the quirk fewer people a boy named Izuku Midoriya is one. Though he was powerless, he dreamt to be a pro-hero. In his school, his classmates always make fun of him because of being a quirk-less child who wanted to be a hero. To be a hero, Midoriya always takes notes of others, and pro-heroes quirks in his diary and tries to learn their technics. Even he wanted to get admission into the most famous school in the city name UA high school where pro heroes studied and graduated.

Summary of my hero academia
All might Deku

However, one day his life has turned into a new and different page

Among the pro-heroes, the most powerful pro-hero was “All Might”. The whole world admires him and Midoriya is one of them. One day Midoriya met All Might by accident. Because of All Might’s journey of a hero, he was injured massively years ago by the most powerful villain name All for one. All might’s sidekick Sir Nighteye whose quirk is prediction predicted that he will die a few years later because of his injury. All Might’s dead will increase crime all over the world. That is why he was looking for someone faithful and with a strong quark in whose body he will transfer his quirk as his successor. But, by observing, Midoriya’s hard work, brave attitude, helping others characteristics, All Might believes, Midoriya to be worthy of his quirk. Therefore, he transfers his quirk in him. But Midoriya was unable to control his quirk.  Whenever he tries to use his quirk 100%, he burst his hands or feet. Then, after that Midoriya attends exams for the prestigious U.A High School for heroes training, and many struggles later, he finally passed.  In U.A High School he met with his new classmates like Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, Minoru, Momo, Todoroki, Iida, Kirishima. Their class name is Class 1A.

Among the whole high school students, only class 1A students became famous in the whole world because they were attacked by the league of villains and fought against them together along with the pro-heroes. The league of villains ambushed the students of class 1A several times in order to finish All Might. However, the league of villain’s leader, Shigaraki’s actual intention is to kill all the pro heroes. Because they think that pro heroes are selfish and they only help people for money. That’s why they think there is no need for pro heroes in the world. They are all burdened. All people should be equal. All Might’s survival is a big obstacle for the villain’s and that is the reason for All Might being the first target. As their weapon to kill the pro-heroes, they made a multiple quirk monster called “Nomu”. Once the villains kidnapped Bakugo who took first place during U.A high school admission test and is the rude student in class 1A. While rescuing him, All Might loses his quirk and gets retired from the pro hero. After that, All Might’s only hope is Midoriya, the greatest pro hero of the future.

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The five literary device from My hero academia

Literary device from My hero academia
Literary device from My hero academia
  • Allegory
  • Foreshadowing
  • Mood
  • Symbolism
  • Flashback


Allegory represents in a story the moral message of real life issues or events. Therefore, a story that has deeper meaning is called allegory. My hero academia series contains several deeper meanings. For example:

Hard work beat talents and a person should never give up on his/herself.

Midoriya was quirk less since his birth. Despite of his being quirk less, he never gave up. The willpower to be a pro-hero, makes Midoriya even more diligent. His childhood friends and others thought his dream and all his hard work is his stupidity. After a couple of episodes, Midoriya slowly start to prove everyone wrong. Inspite of not using his quirk that All Might transferred to him, he uses his intelligence to surpass many problems. Even All Might’s sidekick Nighteye also look down on him. However, Midoriya proved him wrong also.

Midoriya is a great example hard work who beat the talents.

No matter what talent a person has, Improvement is not possible without hard work.


In a story when audience get advance hint like what is to come later in the story, is called foreshadowing. Sometimes, drama’s plot description and settings help audience to predict some issues of it. 

For example:

In My Hero Academia drama, when Midoriya met All Might, All Might’s body condition, injury and looking for a successor made audience predict that something is wrong that All Might is hiding and something bad will happen. Even in a couple of episodes, it is noticeable, All Might’s sidekick warned him many times about something and It make audience sure that, All Might will die any time. Then, once in an episode, he told Midoriya clearly about his imminent death. Though at the beginning, the characters of the series were unknown that All Might will die any time, the atmosphere of the story gave audience the hint. Even the common and simple foreshadowing in the story is Midoriya’s future. Watching the drama, audience could already find that the protagonist Midoriya’s hard work will make him the world’s greatest pro-hero like All Might.


The mood is one of the special parts of the drama. In general, mood refers to the overall emotional quality of products such as joy, tragedy, comics, etc.

My Hero Academia series filled with tension, comedy, tragic and joy. 

For example From my hero academia summary

In the first couple of episodes, a cute small boy name Midoriya went to doctor with his mother and revealed that he is one of the rare people who is quirk less. He has nothing special in him that he could use to become a hero. After knowing the truth, Midoriya’s happiness kicked off.  In a dark room, with a heavy environment, he sits in front of his computer. He was watching videos of All Might that he watched before several times with a very sweet smile. However, this time, instead of that previous sweet smile, his eyes were sparkling and tearful. Then with a heartbroken smile he asked his mother “Can I be a hero too?” The scene was completely heart touching. Watching little cute Midoriya, trying to smile forcefully with tears in eyes was heartbreaking. 

Other than these, while watching My Hero Academia, it will be easy to notice that the battles in the series are filled with tensions. The U.A High Schools sports festival is one of the great proof of this mood. 


Symbolism is something that represents something else. Therefore, symbolism is something that has an abstract meaning.

My Hero Academia, the symbolism is easy to find.

For example From my hero academia summary

Class 1A can be the symbolism of unity. Unity is strength. They have fought against the villains together several times. When the league of villains first attacked in U.A High school, they ambush Class 1A students to kill All Might, but the students together try to deals with them. Their unities always help them to fight back.

Then, All Might is the symbol of peace. As a top and powerful hero, All Might was the hope of each person in the world. The level of crime in the world has decreased because of him. The world was calm and the villains were afraid of him. That’s why he is the symbol of peace.


A scene that occurred in previous episodes but someone thinks or narrates the scene in the present or running episode is called a flashback. 

My Hero Academia is filled with flashbacks. In fact, all episode of the series has flashbacks. 

For example:

We can see my hero academia summary

In season four, Midoriyas classmates Kirishima and Mina used to be schoolmates in junior high school. In a battle with a villain when Kirishima was about to lose, was thinking about his past where Mina was skilled enough to enter the U.A. However, Kirishima was scared and self-doubt about himself and his quirk. Once a villain threatening two schoolgirls, Mina tried to save them but Kirishiam froze and could not do anything because of his scared mind. At that moment during Kirishimas’s battle with a villain, some civilians applaud and he came into the present sense and killed the villain. Here, he contemplated on his own past, reflecting on how far he comes.

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