Meter poetry definition and example

meter poetry definition and example


Meter is the rhythmic pattern of a poetic line. It is a unit of rhythm in poetry the pattern of the beats. It is also called a foot. It measures the rhythm of a verse. There are some rules and regulations and also various principles. Which is based on the national rhythms of language and they organized poetic lines into rhythmic units. Then the verification is produced among which the most common are accentual and un-accentual syllabic.

There are 7 types of Meters

1. Iambic meter 

2.Trochaic meter

3. Spondaic meter 

4. Pyrrhic meter 

5. Anapestic meter

6. Dactylic meter 

7. Amphibrach meter

1. Iambic Meter

There will be two syllables in Iambic Meter. The

structure of Iambic meters is:-

Unstressed + Stressed 


Iambic Dimeter (two iambs per line) 

*The dust / of snow  

*From hem/ lock tree 

Iambic Trimeter (three iambs per-line)

*The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 

*The only shows I see 

* Tomorrow and Today 

Iambic Tetrameter (four iambs per-line) 

*I wondered, lonely as a cloud. 

*I think that I shall never see 


A Trochee is a two-syllable metrical pattern. It is followed by an unstressed syllable. 

Structure of trochee:-

Stressed + unstressed


Trochaic Dimeter

* Up the/ mountain 

* Swee the / plea-sure 

* Steadi / ly the

2. Trochaic Trimeter

* When the/ lute is/ bro-ken 

* Higher/ still and/ high-her 

Trochaic Tetrameter

* May thou/ month of / no-sy/ beau-ty 

* Ae Fond / kiss and/ then we/ sever

3. Spondee Meter

It is a two syllable metrical pattern in poetry. It is followed by two stressed syllables. 


                Stressed + Stressed


* Sit down 

* Earthquake 

* Car park 

Spondee Trimeter:-

* Break / Break / Break

*On thy cold/ grey, stones /of see 

4. Pyrrhic meter

Pyrrhic is the opposite of spondee. It is followed by two unstressed syllable: 


              Unstressed + unstressed 


* To a/ green thought/ in a/ green shade

* My way/ is to/ begin/ with / the beginning

5. Anapaest / Anapest Meter

Anapest is a poetic device which is defined as a metrical foot in a line of a poem. It contains three syllables in a lino. The first two syllables are short and unstressed and the other will be stressed.


              Unstressed + Unstressed + Unstressed  Example:

Anapestic Dimeter

#In my rage/ shall be seen 

Anapestic Trimeter:

 The de-sine/ of the month/ for the star

6. Dactylic meter

Dactylic is a poetic device which is used as a metrical foot in a line of a poem. it also contains three syllables in a line. 


             Stressed + Unstressed + unstressed


Dactyl Dimeter

* Can-non to/ night of them

  Can-non to/ loft of them 

* Half a league/ half a league 

Dactyl tetrameter

* Picture your/self in a/ boot on a/ ri-ver with 

* cold is thy/ heart not is/ fro-zenas/ cha-ri-ty  

7. Amphibrach Meter

It is also a metrical poetic device which is used in a line of a poem. It also contains three syllables. Structure:

             unstressed + Stressed + unstressed Example:

Amphibrach Dimeter

*Most lov-ing / mere fol-ly 

Amphibrachic trimeter

*I stood in the midst of/ the val-ley.

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