Master tamil movie 2021 review

Master tamil movie 2021 review

Movie Review: Master (2021)

Category: Action – Crime.

Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Online platform: Amazon prime

Master tamil movie Starring:

Thalapaty Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Malavika Mohanan, Arjun Das, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Andrea Jeremiah

Ever since the announcement of this movie, everyone’s expectations have been high. Firstly, Thalapati’s film and secondly, Vijay Setupati is also a villain.
Another big reason is Lokesh Kanagraj’s movie.
Many have been disappointed to see. Especially Lokesh Sir, the director of the movie, is very disappointed.

It’s not that I didn’t like the movie, I liked it a lot and enjoyed it.
So the good aspects of the movie are not mentioned ….

Film Acting:

Thalapaty Vijay was eye-catching from all sides. Those who are fans of commercial movies in the South will not be able to take their eyes off Vijay.
Her style, her dialogue, her action sequences, her facial expressions, especially her performances in emotional scenes were just amazing.
In a word, I like Vijay very much.
There was a time when storytelling as well as commercial movies depended only on the style of the hero. Acting was not so important then, but if acting is not good with the current style, then the movie will continue.
What Vijay’s fans wanted from him was that he also had a good performance to praise the critics.

Speaking of Vijay Setupaty, in my opinion, he was not used to the level of his acting. But what Setupati did was undoubtedly quite good.
I really like Malvika. In other words, she has done better than some of the naughty heroines of the South.
Arjun Das is fine. The rest did quite well.

Master Film Music:

The songs in the movie were pretty good. “Koti Story” has been great.
The song “Veethi Coming” was great with Vijay’s hand and foot dance bringing a different kind of feel.
BGM was the perfect background music for a commercial movie.

The movie is technically quite strong, call it camera work or action scenes.

So I don’t like these very much
I’m talking about things that the movie didn’t satisfy me for.

The first and biggest reason is the story and the screenplay. The story is of average type and the screenplay is good but it was not good compared to other movies of Lokesh Kanagaraj.
You see Kaithi. Commercial film, however, was a matter of thrilling, a matter of tension.
Lokesh Kanagaraj’s movie is a commercial film but there is a difference between the commercials which was not so much in the master.

It became like Vijay’s other commercial movie. I thought that going beyond the kind of movie that Vijay does, there will be something different in the flavor of Vijay, but it didn’t happen.
Vijay’s became like ordinary movies.

The first part of the movie, Fasthap, was great in one word. However, after going to the second part, I don’t know how it went wrong. There is nothing like that in the climax. Vijay has made Setupati the villain of Just Vijay movie.

All in all I was a bit disappointed but it was awesome as a commercial film. Those who haven’t seen it yet are able to bring Phil to hit the City.

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Movie Trailer;

master tamil movie trailer

Samiul Haque Nijhum
University of Chittagong.

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