When a girl unwillingly fall prey to any sexual offense and brutality , we have a tendency to define it as “Rape”.

In Bangladesh, This heinous crime is so often that we start taking it as very normal and unavoidable. If we glance at the statistics of rape in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh within the past couple of years, we’ll be shocked and shamed as a nation. Recent news about a gang rape of a young girl, studying O-level at Mastermind college, gets countless media attention. She was raped by her friends to death in an apartment in the Kala Bagan area.

The victim’s mother told that four youths initially took the victim to Anwar Khan Medical Hospital where she was declared “brought dead”.whenever we get such horrific news we have a tendency to protest and claim the death penalty to the perpetrators and lift our voice to develop law and order situation. However, it doesn’t result in any form of modification and eventually, we lose our enthusiasm.

Statistics show that a total of 1413 females were subjected to rape in 2019.

Of them, seventy-six were killed when rape whereas ten other victims committed suicide, rights body personal of Ain O Salish Kendra reported. The reported range of the rape victims was 732 in 2018 compared to 818 in 2017, it included.

Various problems together with molestation, kid torture, and incitement of sexual violence were additionally narrated within the report, which was extraordinarily minatory. In 2020 amid covid-19 the statistics of rape exceeded all past records, regarding four ladies are put-upon of rape per day.A total of 907 ladies or women were raped in simply the primary 9 months of the pandemic year, illustrated by personal from Ain O Salish Kendra, a Bangladeshi organization concern about human rights.

Over two hundred of those cases were gang rape. Many more rapes don’t come to light as a result of women’s concern about being stigmatized. Rights activists blame the increasing rapes on a scarcity of social awareness, a culture of impunity, and protection of suspects by important people for political reasons. Even once survivors file a grievance, the prosecution is incredibly rare and takes years to complete.

The world organization and Rights teams have drawn up pressing reform of the criminal justice system to make sure criminals are accountable. we expect our law enforcement agencies will act professionally to bring all the rapists under law, regardless of their social status and identity. In addition to that proper parenting should be encouraged to make our children respectful to different genders. More gender-related education needs to be added to our academic syllabus. Indeed, A change in view towards women can save our sisters, mothers, and wives.


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Rapists in bangladesh

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