How to motivate myself to read by applying 4 steps

How to motivate myself to read ?

we make goals and then we procrastinate.

We desperately make a to-do list and eventually we don’t follow through.

 This phenomenon happens over and over. Then ,why do we revolve around this problem?

Why are we so good at planning but so terrible at actually doing and achieving those things?

The problem is our skipping some essential steps. Here , we shed some light on what they are.

How to motivate myself to read ? We can easily motivate myself applying this few steps. So let’s know how to get rid of problem instead of doing motivate myself.

How to motivate myself to read:


	How to motivate myself to read, be up and doing,
get off your backside
rouse yourself ,stir yourself,
How to motivate myself to read

Although feelings and emotions are a fundamental and inevitable part of choosing a particular work , we rarely take emotions into account.No matter how hard we try it’s almost impossible to ignore our emotions.when thought and feelings compete, feelings almost always win , this is how our brains are programmed. We should follow our feelings instead of fighting against it.We sometimes contradict emotions with reality so unfairly. Emotions are power which will ignite you whereas reality is a path to your goal which will slow you down and control you.Think of a car, to be clear, the engine of a car is compared to your fellings and emotions, which is a powerhouse, on the other hand tha road is Reality where you need to be concious and controlled. Focus on emotions because Knowing something isn’t enough to cause change. We need to think to plan as well as we need to feel to act.


Positivity can motivate yourself,How to motivate myself to read

when we are in bad mood, we have greater chances to procrastinate.Even though you  can’t do a particular thing, tell yourself you can. It will help to stick to the problem.

In order to mentally toughen military troops up, they are not being trained hand to hand combat, they learn to be optimistic. identify the improvement you making and celebrate it on you own. Nothing is more motivational than progress.practice is a controlled environment, which you create by yourself to be “failed” consistently. Don’t let negative thoughts come to your mind when you fail because solely failure can bring progress.


Rewards and penalties both create different feelings, one is bad other is good. That’s why you can use both for motivating you.

Research illustrates that rewards are responsible for three-quarters of why you do things.So treat yourself whenever you finish a target.Always think of the rewards you will get after finishing the task. you can follow a tactic which I follow:

Give your friend taka 100. If you get a task done on time, you get your taka 100 back. If you don’t complete it, you lose the total money.

Thus, you can be your own instructor.Try to get away from your nagging friends or family members. Don’t complain much and feel guilty at the same time.


Surround yourself with people you want to be and choose them carefully.When you join a group of peoples where change seems possible, the potential for that change to happen becomes more real.The groups you keep company with typically verify the sort of person you become. For people who need improved health, association with healthy people is typically the strongest and most direct path to achieve the goal. Try to limit the use of digital social platforms liKe, Facebook, Twitter etc. I personally call those social media a place where people mostly show off and copy most of the things.This can make you feel inferior to others.However , these platforms are designed to spend most of you time there which ultimately do nothing more than killing your time. Indeed, it is only time which will determine what you deserve in future so try to utilize it in a proper and productive way.


Asikur Jaman

Jagonnath University 

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