How to improve english skills. Just do 3 steps

How to improve english skills ?

Our first introduction to English as a form of a textbook. our first impression of English forces us to view English as a school subject. In this case, our approach to study English always remains the same compared with other school subjects. English itself, not a subject, it’s a language. so our learning methods should be different while learning English. below are some tips to learn English.

How to improve english skills ? Just applying 3 steps.


How to improve enlish?
Don't fear enlish learning, just care

How to improve English

From the very beginning of our educational life our teachers, Family, and overall circumstances instill a so-called fear in our mind about English as a foreign language. We are guided in a wrong way which ended up making us being afraid of English as well as the overwhelmingly interesting subject gets boring to us. This fear is holding us back, we have to overcome this. Instead of being afraid, we should embrace English as a medium of communication. Accepting fear can be your first approach to overcome it. Secondly, look for the point why you’re afraid, and see them as opportunities to learn to deal with fear. Afterward, turn around and face it. Finally, practice again and again Because only practice makes improvement.


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How to improve english skills

we always roam around in search of a book full of Divine power which will instantly make us proficient in English. It’s a clear indication of our inability to realize how vast and resourceful English really is? We have been studying English consistently for about 12 years from class (1 to 12). During this time we have read over a hundred books written and designed to teach us English. The point is, however, still now our grammar is by no means perfect nor is our pronunciation – and yes, we do have difficulties in writing. Surround yourself with English, not with books designed to increase sales. For instance, read English newspapers, watch English movies, read magazines, etc. Read the same news from different sources. It will greatly help you to cope with various sentence structures. Subconsciously your vocabulary will be enriched by doing so. Take a sentence from an article and try to rewrite it on your own by using that same pattern. Keep going and be patient at the same time. Always mind that every single English “word” and “sentence” is a lesson.


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How to improve english skills
How to improve english skills

How to improve English

Many of us lack the ability to think in English. It’s very important for mastering English. In order to achieve this you

sould avoid using Bilingual Dictionaries frist.

learn vocabulary as a phrase not solely a single word and imagine a scenario using it. In my view , Probably the best way with greater potential to help you in this context is ” reading”, read as much as you can no matter whether you understand the text or not. Just keep reading , Articles, Thesis, Report, blogs etc.Gradually you will get to think in English. Invest your time and carry on don’t even think of giving up.

How to improve english skills

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