How do I love thee theme: Elizabeth Barret Browning: Poem

How do i love thee theme

How Do I love thee – sonnet 43

Intense Amount of Passion for Elizabeth Beloved Husband How Do I Love Thee is one of the best creation of 

Elizabeth Barret Browning was a poet in the Victorian era. The poet a written 44 sonnet and this sonnet is 43. The poet talked about an intense amount of passion for her beloved husband. 

How do i love thee theme:

We can see in the poem how do i love thee, the poet talks about immense love towards the poet’s husband. Elizabeth Barret Browning loves him in the care of her heart. The poet’s love is as depth as the see. Even the poet’s soul can reach when he will be out of sight. Elizabeth Browning needs the person in day and night, past and future. The poet’s love is as important as the sun during the day and in the night as the candlelight. The speaker’s love is pure, selfless, and without a shadow of expectations. The speakers feel pure about her love. The poet loves her husband who is Robert Browning with the same intensity of grief she felt in the past and strongly believe like a childhood faith like about fairy tale, angles, etc.

The poet loves him in happiness and also in tears. Not only her tears but also her breathing the poet will love him at the end of the poet’s life. Even the poet will love him often the death. 

The poem ‘How do I love thee’ is intended for her beloved husband named Robert Browning who was a famous poet.

How do I love thee theme is an autobiographical poem

“How Do I love thee?” is an autobiographical poem. The poet talks about her love in the poem.  The immense love of poet. In that poem, the speaker talks about her childhood faith and her old grief. Even the poet talks about her soul that can reach the poet’s love. Elizabeth Barret Browning talks about her death and also talks about the afterlife. This poem is an autobiographical poem. In every line, Elizabeth Browning speaks about herself and her love which is true and pure. The poet tells about her smiles, tears, breath in this poem. The pool shares her intense feelings in the poem. So, we can say that this poem is an autobiographical poem because the poet Elizabeth Barret Browning talks about herself and her love, talks about her old-griefs, childhood faith, and love.

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