Gupta empire achievements

Gupta empire achievements

Impacts of Gupta Dynasty

Gupta empire achievements

Gupta Empire started 320 CE – to 500 CE in the central part of southern part of India. This period is famous for its achievements in the arts, science, philosophy, religion and architecture. The first sovereign King of the Gupta Empire was Chandragupta 1. He started a rapid expansion of the Gupta Empire Later, his successors expanded this empire. They also create a peaceful society for their people. They put a great impact in every sector in the society.

Politics and Administration:

The ruler of Gupta Dynasty created a long kingdom and for their vast empire great tact and foresight are necessary and those are shown in the governance. They also divided their large kingdom and appointed administrative heads to take care of that small province. Law and other reigned. Even in their kingdom incidents of theft and burglary were rare.

Literature, Sciences and Education

In the period of Gupta Dynasty. Again Sanskrit attained the status as before not only that but also it attained greater heights than it was before. Even many epics were written in that period. Moreover, in the Gupta Empire, many people contribute in the field of science, astrology and in geometry, trigonometry and contribute in the field of cosmology. Like, the famous poet and playwright Kalidas who created Abhijnana Shakuntalam,

Raghuvanshi etc. was from this Gupta period. In this period Bhartrhari, Ishwar Krishna contributed in both Sanskrit and Prakrit linguistics, philosophy and Science. Even the inventor of Gero, a genius mathematician Aryabhata was from this period.

Several educational institutions were set up in this period. People were encouraged to learn literature, music, debate and painting in this dynasty.

Art. Architecture and Culture

The rulers of the Gupta dynasty were fond of art and culture. In this period, most beautifully designed art is found. If we look in history, we can find the most beautiful sculpture which is from the Gupta Empire.

Those paintings and sculptures can be found in Ajanta, Mathura, Sarrath, Anuradhapura. They put a great impact on the architecture. 

It can be said that the rulers of the Gupta dynasty were fond of literature, culture, architecture and education. That’s why people were happy and led a peaceful time for the rulers of Gupta dynasty.

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