Desire Under the Elms is an impeccable story. By Eugene O’Neill

Eugene and Neil’s Desire Under the Elms| Translation :Kabir Chowdhury.

Desire Under the Elms

Eugene and Neil can almost single-handedly claim the glory of making American drama world literature. Undoubtedly, he is the best playwright in America.

One of Eugene and Neil’s plays is Desire Under the Elms. In the Greek play we have seen that it is destiny. But Neel highlights the tragedy of personal psychology.

One of the main characters in the play is 76-year-old Ephraim Cabot, a hardworking religious farm owner from New England. He has three sons. The first two sons are his first wife, the last son is his second wife. Both of his wives have died.

All three sons do not like their father ;

The first two sons sold their property to their younger brother and emigrated. Their father remarried and came home. Their father married someone who was the same age as his younger son. Even though she is such a young woman, she marries an old man only out of greed for property. But the youngest son of the old man is also stubborn. He will not give his property to  his step mother  in any way. Step mother wants to adopt a strategy. The old man then says that if she can give birth to a son, he will write all the property in his name. The old man’s wife becomes desperate for a son.

But another accident happened in between ;

The old man’s young wife falls in love with his young son and they had intercourse to each other. The old man’s wife has given birth to a son but that son is not the his but the old man’s son. He did not know that. Laughter erupts and the old man begins to applaud because even at this old age he sees this miracle of the old man. Now the third wife of the old man will get all the property.

The old man’s younger son was shocked to learn this ;

He thinks that the old man’s wife has used him for her son so that he can get ownership of the property. The old man’s young son confronts the old man’s wife. He wants to know why she cheated on him. But the old man’s wife keeps saying that she loves him and she didn’t  cheat on him . The old man’s son told her to  prove that the boy belonged to the old man. 

The old man’s wife kills their young child without finding any way. In this way she wants to prove that she really loves the old man’s son and not greed for property. The old man knows all this. The old man informs the police. The police come to arrest the old man’s wife. In front, the old man’s son says that he has faults here too. The police should arrest him too. The old man tells the police to take both of them. They have cheated with me. The police take both of them.

Eventually the old man’s property remained his ;  

Although this play was initially described as obscene, disgusting, the quality of this play still exists. It has been translated into various languages including Bengali. This play has been included in the high level curriculum in educational institutions of different countries including Bangladesh.


Sadia Afrin

Desire Under the Elms

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