Parable vs allegory vs Fable

Parable vs allegory


definition of allegory

Allegory is a term of a figure of speech. Allegory is used to reveal the hidden truth or meaning in the story. We can know the moral of the story with the help of Allegory. Allegory can be political, religious, and historical.

Allegory Example:

Animal Farm by “George Orwell: it is a political Allegory pertaining to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Also the rise of communism”

Difference among Allegory, Parable and Fable:

Allegory is a story or Picture with some hidden meanings with some moral story. The characters use in allegories represent particular thoughts and ideas. The story of allegory has a vast and interesting meaning.

Parable and Fable is part of allegory. But they are a short allegory with one basic idea.

But Parable and Fable are very similar. Both of them lies hidden meaning in their stories to teach us a lesson.

However, Parable is like a short story in which ideas are symbolized as people or we can also say like that parable involve human as their main characters to teach us the hidden meaning.

On the other hand, Fable is a short story in which ideas are symbolized animals as characters. Animals play a vital role in Fable. Fable doesn’t require human characters.

Parable vs allegory

What is the definition of allegory?

Allegory has a surface story. It is a story of the story means it has another story inside of a story. In other words, Allegory is the hidden meaning in a story.

What is parable?

parable is a Short narrative story which represents moral and religious lessons.

What is fable?

Fable is described as a some kind of animal story. In fable animals are given human attribute.

Parable vs allegory

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