Ronaldo free kick stats

Ronaldo free kick stats

Undoubtedly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s name will come to the fore when it comes to the best free-kick taker of this generation

The highest goal scorer among active footballers so far, if all goes well, Cristiano Ronaldo will soon be at the top of the list of all-time top scorers. His countdown is currently underway. 750+ goals in his senior career of Ronaldo free kick stats over 18 years old, Ronaldo has all kinds of goals in his career. He also won the FIFA Puskas Award for the best goal. He has scored innumerable goals through the human wall of his career. Today we will discuss about Ronaldo free kick stats.

Ronaldo free kick stats if we look then see that Ronaldo has scored 56 free kicks in his career. Currently the most active of any footballers. Ronaldo has taken only 18.6 matches to score 56 free kicks. Currently, Lionel Messi is the only active footballer to have scored 50+ free kick goals .

Ronaldo free kick stats by year The number of goals scored

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Cristiano Ronaldo 's free kick goal details.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s total free kick goal According to the calendar year, Ronaldo has scored the most free kick goals in 2007 with 7 goals. And has scored the least number of free kick goals in 2018 and 2019. He has been the highest free kick goal scorer of the year 6 times.

Ronaldo has scored a total of 46 free kick goals for the club

Ever-rivals Lionel Messi (46) has just scored more free-kick goals for the club. In his career, Cristiano Ronaldo took just 18.5 minutes to score a free kick for the club. Ronaldo has scored 32 free goals for Real Madrid. He scored 13 free kicks for Manchester United. And 1 free kick goal for Juventus.

Ronaldo has scored a total of 30 goals from free kicks in the European Top Five League.

Ronaldo has scored a total of 31 free kick goals in 4 different leagues for 4 different clubs. 19 free kick goals in Spanish La Liga; He has scored 10 free kicks in the EPL and 1 in the Italian Serie A and Portuguese leagues. In the league, Ronaldo took time to score a free kick in 18.9 matches.

Ronaldo, the best footballer of all time in the history of the UEFA Champions League, is also the best free kick scorer of all time in the tournament.

The Portuguese prince’s free-kick goal in the best of Europe is more than double the arch-rival Messi’s free-kick goal. The highest goal scorer of all time in the UEFA Champions League is a free kick with a maximum of 12 goals.

Apart from Ronaldo, only two footballers have scored double figure free kicks; Del Piero (11) and free kick specialist Juninho (10). Ronaldo has taken just 15 matches to score a free kick in the Champions League.

Ronaldo scores free kick in the Champions League (ronaldo free kick stats):

Vs. Sporting CP

Vs. Arsenal

Vs. Zurich

Vs. Zurich

Vs. Marseille

Vs. AC Milan

Vs. Leon

Vs. Apoel

Vs. Bayern Munich

Vs. Malmao

Vs. Wolfsburg

Vs. Sporting CP

Ronaldo scored two goals for the club in the Domestic Cup All of Ronaldo’s free kick goals in the Domestic Cup come in Real Madrid jerseys; Copa del Rey scored all the goals. Cristiano Ronaldo also scored a free kick in the Club World Cup .

Ronaldo free kick stats in other cups are according to the season The number of goals scored


He scored 10 free kick goals in international football.

Portugal’s all-time free kick goal scorer has so far scored free-kick goals among active footballers in the national team jersey. It took Ronaldo 17 minutes to score a free kick on the Portuguese jersey. Where his arch-rival Lionel Messi has scored 1 goal in almost 23 matches.

In 2005, Ronaldo started scoring a free kick in Portugal’s jersey.

Every time in these 4 years of 2017-20, he has been able to score a goal from a free kick on a Portuguese jersey. In 2011, Ronaldo scored a record 3 free kick goals in Portugal’s jersey .Ronaldo scored a free kick in Portugal’s jersey Vs. Slovakia

Vs. Iceland

Vs Luxembourg

Vs. Denmark

Vs. Bosnia

Vs. Northern Ireland

Vs. Hungary

Vs. Switzerland

Vs. Spain

Vs. Sweden

Scored a free kick;

FIFA Football World Cup1
World Cup qualifiers 3
UEFA Nations Leagu2
Euro qualifiers 3
friendly match1

Of the active footballers, only Lionel Messi has scored a free kick in one or more of his equal matches in a maximum of 3 matches.

However, Ronaldo holds the record for most free-scoring goals in a maximum of three tournaments.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores multiple free kicks

Vs. Stoke City = 2 goals (Premier League)

Vs. Celta Vigo = 2 goals (Champions League)

Vs. Villarreal = 2 goals (Spanish La Liga)

Age is now 35. He will move to 38 in two months. With age, Ronaldo’s free kick goal edge is also decreasing. Ronaldo is no longer seen in the rapid pace. Still, he is scoring goals on his own. With just one match in hand, he has topped the list of top scorers in the European Top Five League this year.

Juninho is the highest free kick goal scorer in the history of football

He has 7 free kick goals. Ronaldo will have to score 4 more free kick goals to top the list of the best freak goal scorers in history. Brazil’s Marcelo Garioka has scored 59 free kicks in the top ten of the list. Ronaldo will have to score 10 more goals to surpass David Beckham’s 85 in the top five. . This time, at the end of his career in the list of the highest free kick goal scorers in history, how many positions do you want to see Ronaldo? And how many Ronaldo freakish goals can there be at the end of his career?

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