Boost my self confidence: Just 7 ways be more confident in 2022

Boost my self confidence

How to boost myself confidence

Confidence is the attitude about your skill and capabilities. It means that you trust yourself. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

There are thousands of articles on the internet guaranteeing confidence. They teach you about how to be an alpha male how to impress girls and so on. Blah blah blah blah. They literally deceive people. And in most cases, they don’t work. Because the solutions are temporary. And the video and with loud music. And rubish some scientific terms. What I would like to warn you first is that there are some situations when you should meet a professional. 

And I don’t like to suggest some advice for everyone. Everyone’s problem cannot be solved in the same way.

And mental disease like OCD anxiety and inferiority complex requires medical attention. 

How to boost your self confidence?

How to boost my self confidence

1. Physical activities

Physical exercise for boost my self confidence

do some cardio exercise regularly. And try to socialize when exercising. That will be helpful to make it a regular routine. Get up from bed immediately and go for jogging.

2. Check for facts

Check for facts to boos your self confidence

if you are constantly degrading yourself check facts. People don’t think that much about us in a negative way. Delve into the matter. And you cannot ensure that the people are thinking something negative about yourself.

3. Don’t overgeneralize

Don't overgeneralize it will help yout to boost your confidence

A psychologist had a patient named x. Her mother brought her to the psychologist because she used to get 99 in every exam but this time she got 89. And her mother was super tense. She told him that her daughter cannot succeed in life, she could not pass the entrance exam. Blah blah blah. 

So don’t over generalize your problem. Divided into multiple parts and see which part requires your attention.

4. Don’t try to impress everyone

no need impress everyone, its help your get self confidence

You cannot impress everyone. You have to take care of people who are important. For example, don’t try to impress your all classmates. Suppose there are 99 students in your batch . If you want to improve them all you will have to try 99 different ways. And that is not possible and you are gonna now in the frustrated. Try to be a good person.

5. Reshape your thinking

self confidence reshape thinking

break some orthodox. Read book what are important for your life. Read books on financial literacy, intimate relationship, habit building, work efficiency etc. As rich dad poor dad let’s see money in different ways. It tells us why people suffer financially. Despite getting much money, why they are not satisfied, why they are in debt. People focus on income only. They don’t focus on saving and investment. He shows why people are not financially free.

Deep work takes on efficiency. You have 24 hours only. And you’ve got all the stuff to do. You just cannot sit at a table and study the whole day. Manage your time and do important work when you are productive.

Attached tips on relationships. It breaks commonly held beliefs. It shows that why some people are bad at romantic relationships. And why there is love does it last.

6. Be yourself

Be yourself Boost your self confidence

Don’t try to take difficult advice or copy someone. Because if you copy it you are not going to do it well. Don’t bring changes that you are not comfortable with. Those changes will not last. For example if you are asked to read four times when it cannot hold for long. Don’t imitate something super difficult.

7. Keep patience:

Keep patience can bost my self confidence

you are not going to have overnight changes. Wait a little bit and try your best. That’s everything you can do.

Additionl thing to boost your self confidence


Drink 2-3 liter water daily. It is super important. 


I am not gonna use fancy words. I would like to keep it simple. Ensure the quality of your sleep.

Two Regular activities to boost my self confidence

regular activities boost my self confidence

So what

try so what approach. Select top 1 where you are under confident. Then challenge yourself and there will be an inner voice saying something will go wrong and someone will laugh at you. And in incase someone laughs, does that matter?

Don’t rush: don’t rush for result

And do not take so many goals at a time. Trailer most influential on and focus on that. It is useful to live an interfered life.

Don’t believe someone blindly and check facts.

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