Foods that should not be reheated

Reheating food can be a serious health risk

foods that should not be reheated Eat food, but do you know that reheating food can be a serious health risk Are you accustomed to eating fresh food or stale food? If you are accustomed to eating stale food, have you ever wondered if it will have any adverse effect on your body at all? … Read more

Blood rain in Kerala, India

Blood water |Terrible event in Kerala ,India

Blood rain in Kerala On July 25, 2001, the people of Kottam and Idukki districts of Kerala felt like a normal summer day. Suddenly a fierce sonic boom was heard and the sky was filled with bright light. Shortly after that, the sky was covered with clouds and rain came down. However, this rain was … Read more

Ronaldo free kick stats

Cristiano Ronaldo 's free kick goal details.

Ronaldo free kick stats Undoubtedly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s name will come to the fore when it comes to the best free-kick taker of this generation The highest goal scorer among active footballers so far, if all goes well, Cristiano Ronaldo will soon be at the top of the list of all-time top scorers. His countdown is … Read more