Sonnet 18 shall I compare thee to a summer’s day figurative language

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Figurative language in sonnet 18 Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, William Shakespeare sonnet 18, Analysis, summary, theme, reflection Description about the poem Sonnet 18 William Shakespeare   Shakespeare begins “Sonnet 18” with a question.  Figurative language in sonnet 18 Shakespeare was pessimistic about his love who was a boy. The poet compares his … Read more

Origin of language: Theories, Sources, How did language originate?

Origin of language

Origin of language  Origin of language: The beginnings of language are based on the concept of natural sounds. As we all know the human auditory system is functioning before birth. The first perspective that language evolved from the calls of human ancestors seems logical because both humans and animals make sounds or cries. Even this suggests … Read more

Separation of powers historical examples

Separation of power

Separation of powers The separation of power thusly alludes to the division of government obligations into unmistakable branches to restrict anyone branch from practicing the center elements of another. The purpose is to forestall the centralization of force and accommodate balanced governance. The purpose of partition of abilities is to forestall the grouping of unchecked … Read more

Influence of english language

People also ask What influence did Christianity have on Old English? How did Christianity affect the English language? What was Christianity influenced by? How did Christianity influence the Middle Ages?

Influence of english language Aritro SarkarAritro Sarkar Department English Bangladesh University As a student of english department it’s my duty to analysis the Poem, Novel, Play and others part of literature and spread it to others so that it can help them to understand it more efficiently. That’s why I analysis those things and share … Read more

My hero academia summary and analysis

My hero academia tv series summary

My hero academia summary Series:  My Hero Academia My hero academia summary: My Hero Academia is an animated series. In the series, once a child was born with extraordinary power. After that, with the evolution of human beings, the new generations began to be born with extraordinary power. These powers are known as “quirk”. They … Read more

Gupta empire achievements

Gupta empire achievements

Gupta empire achievements Impacts of Gupta Dynasty Gupta empire achievements Origin of Gupta Gupta is a typical family name of Indian origin. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Goptri, which implies Protector or Governor. As indicated by antiquarian R. C. Majumdar, the family name Gupta was embraced by a few distinct networks in northern … Read more

Grimm’s law examples

grimm's law examples, grimm's law and verner's law, grimm's law linguistics

Grimm’s law examples One of the most important principles of linguistics, Grimm’s law is an attempt to explain why certain words sound the way they do. The law has many applications, and it is widely used to explain how a word sounds. It is not a perfect rule, however, as some exceptions to its generalization … Read more

Pygmy goats for sale: Complete Guide

Pygmy goats for sell

Pygmy goats for sale Pygmy goats Pygmy goats are originally found in Africa. This types of goats are small types of small goats. They were called the Cameroon Dwarf goat. Pygmy goats are mostly found in West African countries. Moreover, this types of goats are also found in northern, southwestern and east part of Africa. … Read more

Oedipus characters and Plot: Discuss classical dramatic aspects

Oedipus characters, Oedipus the King, Plot, Thought, Diction, Spectacle

Oedipus characters, Oedipus the King,  Plot, Thought, Diction, Spectacle Oedipus the King  Tragedy or classical drama is the Emulation of an act that is serious, expansion and the story should be complete to reveal universal truths. Aristotle’s, several important points are extremely valuable for understanding Greek tragic or classical drama. Classical drama should be a … Read more