Difference between Neolithic age and Metal age

Difference between Neolithic age and Metal age

Neolithic age and Metal age Comparative discussion among Neolithic age and the age of Metal: Both “Neolithic age and the age of Metals” are connected with the prehistoric age., In the Neolithic age man progress a lot and acquired knowledge about nature. They created a new type of civilization.  The Greek meaning of Neolithic is … Read more

Invasions in India in different times

Invasions in India in a different time

Invasions in India The Greatest conquerors from different dynasties.  Who invaded India in different time frame: India has a varied culture and traditions and being a prosperous and rich country with great civilization attracted the empires from different regions. Like, Persian and Macedonian invaded India for riches.  Persian Invasions in India During the first half … Read more

My hero academia summary and analysis

My hero academia tv series summary

My hero academia summary Series:  My Hero Academia My hero academia summary: My Hero Academia is an animated series. In the series, once a child was born with extraordinary power. After that, with the evolution of human beings, the new generations began to be born with extraordinary power. These powers are known as “quirk”. They … Read more

Oedipus characters and Plot: Discuss classical dramatic aspects

Oedipus characters, Oedipus the King, Plot, Thought, Diction, Spectacle

Oedipus characters, Oedipus the King,  Plot, Thought, Diction, Spectacle Oedipus the King  Tragedy or classical drama is the Emulation of an act that is serious, expansion and the story should be complete to reveal universal truths. Aristotle’s, several important points are extremely valuable for understanding Greek tragic or classical drama. Classical drama should be a … Read more

Arms and the man summary: Analysis

Arms and the man summary

Arms and the man summary Arms and the Man by George Barnard Shaw’s satirical comedy-drama. His most infamous work of all time. His intention was to tell people how war is useless and ignorance is a mistake. He sterilized both heroism and destroyed the idea of romantic notions in the drama. Arms and the Man … Read more

Parable vs allegory vs Fable

definition of allegory, allegory, allegory definition, allegory meaning in english, animal farm allegory, allegory of the cave meaning, allegory in a sentence, allegory of the olive tree, political allegory,

Parable vs allegory Allegory: definition of allegory Allegory is a term of a figure of speech. Allegory is used to reveal the hidden truth or meaning in the story. We can know the moral of the story with the help of Allegory. Allegory can be political, religious, and historical. Allegory Example: Animal Farm by “George … Read more

Sonnet 18 shall I compare thee to a summer’s day figurative language

sonnet 18, shall i compare thee to a summer's day, shakespeare sonnet 18, shall i compare thee to a summer's day meaning, sonnet 18 meaning,

Figurative language in sonnet 18 Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, William Shakespeare sonnet 18, Analysis, summary, theme, reflection Description about the poem Sonnet 18 William Shakespeare   Shakespeare begins “Sonnet 18” with a question.  Figurative language in sonnet 18 Shakespeare was pessimistic about his love who was a boy. The poet compares his … Read more

Roman empire britannia

conquest of Britain by Rome, Rome invaded Britain, Rome in Britain, romanization of Britain

Roman empire britannia The region of Britain was the area of the island of Great Britain that was conquered by the Roman Empire. It happened in 40 to 410 AD. The Roman invade Britain in 43 AD. In that time their empire extended from the channel coast to the Caucasus also from the northern Rhineland … Read more

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