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Alexander Pope’s

Review of Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock

He was a London poet. Pope had a sick look from an early age, and women used to laugh at him.

However, the Pope was attracted to beautiful women. He developed a close relationship with his friend Blunt’s two sisters. 

According to critics, he wrote the poem, fascinated by the appearance of one of the two sisters.

The heroine of the poem is Belinda.  Belinda is a woman who doesn’t care about any man. Belinda had long black hair.

Thousands of men would have been lost in the beauty of her hair.   Baron was the one who loved Belinda dearly. But Belinda doesn’t care about anyone.

Baron was rejected by Belinda and sat down to avenge the insult and he  cut a pigtail of Belinda  with scissors.

In this, all the pride of Belinda becomes dust. Belinda is almost mad with sorrow and pain.

 Lastly, the fairy Clarissa consoles Belinda by saying that her cut braid has found a place in the constellations, where the braid will shine like a star and the poets of the world will compose immortal poems about it.

Therefore, Belinda should be proud of it.  How many people have such a great dignity in their destiny.

You can read the famous poem of the famous poet Alexander Pope “The Rape of the Lock” to enliven the time of quarantine and increase the scope of your knowledge.


Sadia Afrin

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