Agent sai srinivasa athreya watch online

Agent sai srinivasa athreya watch online

Movie Review: Agent sai srinivasa athreya

Category: Comedy / thriller

The biggest attraction for movie lovers is: “Thriller” movie.

Know about this movie

Master Tamil movie 2021

A detective was getting a small job when he suddenly found a “rape and murder” case in jail. Two of the two suspects in the investigation of the case were killed and the responsibility for the murder fell on the detective. Unclaimed bodies are being found next to the railway every day. It looks like a horrific murder but the postmortem report says Natural Death.
What’s really going on? Who are the unclaimed bodies? Why do you need a brutal murder if it is a natural death? Why are they available next to the railway? Is there a cycle behind it?
If you want to know, you must watch this thriller.

Agent sai srinivasa athreya Criticism:

To be honest, the movie was shot like a normal Tamil movie. There was no effect or editing. As a result, the audience was a bit disappointed. Because the kind of editing and effects that Tamil movies are given at the present time is really amazing.

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Samiul Haque Nijhum
University of Chittagong.

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